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Desmond Tutu, South Africa's moral compass******

South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who died yesterday at the age of 90, was the moral compass of his beloved "Rainbow Nation," never afraid to speak truth to power, whatever its creed or color.。

A tireless activist, he won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984 for combatting white minority rule in his country.。

"The passing of Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu is another chapter of bereavement in our nation's farewell to a generation of outstanding South Africans who have bequeathed us a liberated South Africa," President Cyril Ramaphosa said in a statement.。

Famously outspoken, even after the fall of the racist apartheid regime, Tutu never shied away from confronting South Africa's shortcomings or injustices.。

"It's a great privilege, it's a great honor that people think that maybe your name can make a small difference," he said shortly before his 80th birthday in 2011.。

Whether taking on his church over gay rights, lobbying for Palestinian statehood or calling out South Africa's ruling African National Congress on corruption, his high-profile campaigns were thorny and often unwelcome.。

None at the top were spared – not even his close friend, late president Nelson Mandela, with whom Tutu sparred in 1994 over what he called the ANC's "gravy train mentality."

Yet "the Arch" brought an exuberant playfulness to all his endeavours.。

Quick to crack jokes – often at his own expense – he was always ready to dance and laugh uproariously with an infectious cackle that became his trademark.。

It was Tutu who coined and popularized the term "Rainbow Nation" to describe South Africa when Mandela became president. At the time, Tutu was serving as the first black Anglican archbishop of Cape Town.。

Ordained at 30 and appointed archbishop in 1986, he used his position to advocate for international sanctions against apartheid, and later to lobby for rights globally.。

Tutu was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1997 and underwent repeated treatment. He had retired a year earlier to lead a harrowing journey into South Africa's brutal past, as head of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.。

For 30 months, the commission lifted the lid on the horrors of apartheid. Tutu, with his instinctive humanity, broke down and sobbed at one of its first hearings.。

Born in the small town of Klerksdorp, west of Johannesburg, on October 7, 1931, Tutu was the son of a domestic worker and a school teacher.。

Following in his father's footsteps, he trained as a teacher before the inferior education system set up for black children prompted him to become a priest.。

He lived for a while in Britain, where, he recalled, he would needlessly ask for directions just to be called "Sir" by a white policeman.。

Tutu believed firmly in the reconciliation of black and white South Africans.。

"I am walking on clouds. It is an incredible feeling, like falling in love. We South Africans are going to be the Rainbow People of the world," he said in 1994.。

But post-apartheid South Africa increasingly became a source of his despair, as the high hopes of the early days of democracy gave way to disillusionment, violence, inequality and graft.。


开辟影像新赛道 索尼微单手机Xperia PRO******

  今天,索尼正式在中国推出了新一代摄影旗舰微单手机Xperia PRO-I,这款手机也是首款搭载1英寸影像传感器的智能手机,将会为用户带来专业级的摄影体验。据索尼中国区总裁高桥洋表示,自2019年索尼开始传递专业级别产品体验给消费者后,索尼手机的销量成倍增长,此次索尼Xperia PRO-I的发布也预示着索尼在影像赛道建立起新的优势。

  索尼Xperia PRO-I融合索尼业界领先的Alpha微单TM系列拍摄技术,其采用的1英寸传感器基于索尼黑卡®数码相机RX100 VII的影像传感器,并针对Xperia智能手机进行了优化,具有相位检测AF(自动对焦)功能,单位像素间距为2.4µm。

  索尼Xperia PRO-I支持RAW 12-bit拍摄,可提供出色的暗光性能及动态范围,双光圈则可根据创意需求轻松切换景深。Xperia PRO-I 还搭载移动版BIONZ X™ 影像处理器和前端 LSI,在多种场景中可提供更快的处理速度和呈现更高的图像质量。

  镜头方面,索尼Xperia PRO-I配备了16mm、24 mm和50 mm三个镜头,使用户能够在构图上发挥更多创意。3D iToF传感器可实时计算相机与拍摄对象之间的距离,可在多种场景中实现快速、准确的自动对焦。

  索尼Xperia PRO-I的三颗镜头均采用了蔡司® T*抗反射涂层,新开发的24mm镜头更是采用蔡司®Tessar Optics T*镜头,在提供了高分辨率的图像的同时减少了边缘图像的失真,实现了更高的对比度和清晰度。

  为了优化手机的拍照体验,索尼Xperia PRO-I将实体拍照键尺寸增大,并且增加了防滑纹路,两段式的按键可以为用户带来与相机相同的拍照体验。

  索尼也对手机的软件方面进行了全面升级,Xperia PRO-I拥有315个相位检测自动对焦点,能够覆盖90%的画面,拥有业界领先的自动对焦技术,包括人和动物的实时眼部自动对焦、实时追踪、20fps AF/AE 高速连拍和防失真快门,可更清晰地捕捉快速移动的物体。

  Xperia PRO-I 装载”摄影大师”APP,用户可以自定义手动设置或轻松访问自动设置,并以RAW格式进行拍摄。以RAW格式拍摄时,Xperia PRO-I支持12-bit5格式,可呈现平滑而丰富的色彩层次。“摄影大师”APP提供基础模式,可快速访问一系列易于使用的摄影功能,包括快门按键等。

  索尼Xperia PRO-I带来的不仅仅是拍照上的升级,在视频方面,依托于索尼自身的技术积累,索尼Xperia PRO-I实现了4K 120fps拍摄,并且可以以5倍慢动作回看视频,带来高质量的视频拍摄能力。借助FlawlessEye™新一代光学防抖技术,可以更轻松拍摄流畅稳定的视频。

  索尼Xperia PRO-I是首款在视频制作中引入出色的“眼部对焦”和“物体追踪”功能的Xperia系列手机,让用户可以专注于构图与创作。


  索尼Xperia PRO-I拥有三个麦克风,可以更好的录制声音,通过运用业界领先的索尼音频分离技术,可有效降低立体声和单声道麦克风的风噪。

  为了更好的帮助用户拍摄视频内容,索尼还推出了Xperia PRO-I配套的新配件,配备16:9的3.5英寸LCD(1280x720)屏幕和金属手机夹,使用磁性可拆卸设计,可轻松安装和拆卸。通过配对Vlog外接显示屏,Xperia PRO-I可以使用到配备1英寸影像传感器的24mm主摄像头拍摄高画质Vlog,并与朋友、家人分享。

  当使用Xperia PRO-I和Vlog外接显示屏拍摄时,用户可以轻松连接蓝牙拍摄手柄,如GP-VPT2BT,无需触碰Xperia PRO-I的按钮即可轻松启动或停止录制。Vlog外接显示屏还配备一个3.5mm三极麦克风插孔,用户只需将麦克风安装在支架顶部的附件支架上,即可连接外部麦克风。

  硬件配置方面,索尼Xperia PRO-I拥有6.5英寸4K HDR OLED显示屏,拥有120Hz熟悉那里,并且支持源自于Bravia 画质技术的X1™ 移动引擎,用户可以在Xperia PRO-I上以更高的对比度、色彩和清晰度欣赏喜爱的内容。

  手机搭载了骁龙888 5G移动平台,拥有12GB RAM以及512GB ROM,可以为照片和视频提供更充足的存储空间。Xperia PRO-I 内置4,500 mAh(典型值)电池,能够提供充足的电量满足用户使用。

  索尼Xperia PRO-I也具备更全面的防护能力,它拥有IP65/68等级的防水和防尘功能,正面屏幕采用康宁®大猩猩®玻璃Victus™,在抗跌落和抗刮擦性能方面得到进一步加强。

  索尼Xperia PRO-I也对本地化体验进行了优化,新增支持支付宝指纹支付,通话录音等。Xperia PRO-I 在原生态安卓操作系统的基础上,预装适配的Flyme应用商店,并提供邮箱、天气和资讯的选装。

  索尼Xperia PRO-I将于12月初上市,建议零售价为10,999元。








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